Why Pax

Undoubtedly for any parent looking for a school to enroll his / her child, Pax Junior School Kira would be the choice.

The following aspects are key why you should enroll your child in Pax Junior School.

The teachers are qualified, professional, motivated, competent and self-driven. This has made the school to offer the best in terms of academics and skills development.

The well trained and experienced teachers are determined to exploit each child’s individual potential; for at Pax, every child is an achiever.

The school is guided on the principles of discipline, purpose, faith, love and excellence.

All the above aim at bringing up a holistic, responsible and God fearing child.

Pax embraces and respects all religious denominations and by time-table we hold prayers every Wednesday in our pupils’ respective religious denominations.

The well trained and experienced teachers are determined to exploit each child’s individual potential; for at Pax, every child is an achiever.


Pax junior school offers a high class customer care to its parents and all visitors. All its administrators are inspirational and lead by example. The teamwork exhibited extends beyond the school horizons. This has created a free working environment, harmony and views of each one are listened to. Our parents and pupils are so special to us.


At Pax, learning has gone to another level. Learners are taken through ICT practical lessons to enrich their content to match the current global ICT based learning. The teachers explore all the teaching methods to make learning more meaningful and real. This has made our pupils develop the zeal of facing challenges in life, develop confidence and self-expression and make them able to think quickly.


Our partners in education are freely engaged through meetings, involving parents, staff, government, local community and founders. This has greatly improved the relationship between the school and its various stakeholders. 

Parental engagement has also given feedback and this has created time to dedicate and reflect on the challenges that confront the school and call for guidance to forge the way forward. 

We also thank other stake holders namely: the ministry of Education and Sports under Kira Municipality/Kira division, the Board of Directors, the School Management Committee (SMC), the staff and all friends of Pax junior school for the prevailing teamwork and support coupled with God’s blessing, which make us always shine.

Pax junior school boasts of other service pillars. We have a strong and firm ECD centre (pre-primary) which aims at Early Child Development (ECD) and the team of teachers is so caring, loving and have made our learners acquire literacy, numeracy and are socially acceptable and easily live together.

The school also offers transport; all distant learners are transported to and from school using a door to door service. The transport team plays a significant role of ensuring safety of pupils and being good time managers. All this make school programmes to run smoothly.

They are well-prepared, served in time and a rich weekly menu is followed. Clean and safe water is provided by water purifier system installed besides having very clean washrooms and flush toilets.

Due to the growing population, the school acquired additional land in the neighborhood for dormitories, parking and pupils’ play area.

Additional classrooms are also being constructed, alongside the existing infrastructure.

Thanks to our Directors for being focused, developmental, supportive and aspiring for excellence.

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Our pupils are not only provided with knowledge but also skills in art and technology, co-curricular activities like swimming, music dance and drama. Great emphasis and training is put on improvement of pupils’ skills. This will in future enhance their career development.



Scouting work at school

Sports activities

The whole school community is a change agent that strives to instill in our pupils those values they so badly need amidst today’s moral decadence.

Such values include, respect for others, hard work, integrity, teamwork and excellence. We believe that these are timeless values that will guide our children as they grow. As a school, we are proud of our products and their success is our source of satisfaction.

We also offer regular counseling and guidance sessions to our pupils to ensure that each gets the best out of education for their future

With all the above, why not enroll your child at Pax junior school? Join us and we collectively mold, nurture and train a very responsible generation of tomorrow.

Make an effort and visit us to find out more about our school.