Visitation Day Circular

Dear parent/Guardian,


You are informed and requested to attend our school’s visitation/contact day on Sunday 23rd/07/2017 starting at 10:00am-5:00pm.


  1. Fees: All those with fees balance should make payments to zero. We shall NOT allow in or pick any child who will have not adhered to the above effective 24th/07/2017. Payments should be through our appropriate banks and mobile money MTN/AIRTEL using pupils’ ID numbers.
  2. Education tours: We shall have respective tours as below:
  • Nursery-21st /07/2017
  • Lower primary-28th /07/2017
  • Upper primary-4th /08/2017

For nursery, whoever will not have paid by Friday morning is requested to stay home.

  1. Holiday package: We have organized holiday package for our children to keep them busy during holidays. A booklet costs 6.000/=. Make payments through their respective class teachers.
  2. Art / crafts: Our boarder pupils will exhibit their art and crafts items for sale on the visitation day. Come ready to buy one and support the pupils’ skills development program.
  3. NIRA forms: All those who have not filled in forms for their children’s national identification cards should do so. Come with a photocopy of any of the parents’ National I.D.
  4. Requirements: All those who didn’t provide a ream of papers should come with it. We aim at providing the best to our pupils.

Endeavor to come, meet the teachers of your children to discuss their performance.







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