Scouts Club

Always be prepared

Scouts enhance a sense of responsibility to the children.

Part of the school’s scouts team at the parade.

The school has a scouts and guides club to build social responsibility and self-help among our pupils


Co-curricular activities

The pupils are engaged in co-curricular activities such as games and sports, music dance and drama for healthy bodies and minds, to tap their talents and for mental awakening.

Games and sports

Pupils compete in bottle filling as different members of other houses cheer up.

Music dance and drama.

Pupils participating in one of the traditional dances.

Pupils acting a play about stopping violence.

Study trips

Pupils go out for educational tours to enrich their classroom content and make learning more meaningful and real.
They also have fun in various recreation centres.

Children on their tour to the Uganda World life Education Center.

Pupils looking at the lions’ cage.

Pupils having fun at Freedom city along Entebbe road.