Nursery-parents-teachers meeting

As part of stake holders, we held a nursery parents’ meeting on 16/ 10 /2016.

The purpose of the meeting was to look at our ECD centre and lay strategies for improvement.

The head teacher presented a paper entitled “A complete Guide to Early child hold

Development learning” and emphasized the following:

  • need for children to attend kindergarten,
  • what a good pre-school should have,
  • what to look out for in that Nursery school,
  • the right food for the best brains,
  • the best start for a child with special needs,
  • play areas,
  • the right age to begin kindergarten,
  • qualities of a good nursery teacher,
  • need for enough steep for a kindergarten child,
  • how to help a child do home work ,
  • the right school bag for a child ,
  • the right maid for the child ,
  • how to unlock the child’s potential at home ,
  • the right age to introduce gadgets for a nursery child and how to guarantee the child’s education by running a savings project ,or
  • Having an insurance package prepared for your child.

I thank all parents who attended and your feedback. We are determined to provide the best and ensure that our nursery section becomes a model ECD centre within the region

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