At Pax junior school Kira, the staff know our pupils, and we appreciate them and their diversity of experiences.

Nothing about Pax junior school Kira— the classrooms, the athletic fields, the dorms— is impersonal or detached from life. Our community’s size allows us to truly interact with each other, in large and small ways. We value our pupils’ intellect as much as their social/emotional well-being, and we enjoy working together as a community to provide our pupils with countless opportunities to explore the world, test themselves, and make crucial discoveries about who they are, what inspires them, and where they will go next.

Jobs Available – September 2022

Deputy Head Teacher (Nursery Section)


  1. A diploma in early learning development. A degree in the same field is an added advantage.
  2. At least 5 year’s work experience, 2 of which should been in administration.
  3. Aged between 30 – 40 years

Teacher (English)


  1. A diploma in primary education
  2. At least 3 year’s working experience in reputable teaching institutions

ICT officer / Trainer


  1. A minimum of a diploma in ICT from a reputable institution
  2. At least 2 year’s work experience