Head teacher’s message

To all parents/guardians.


Thank you for bringing back our pupils for term three and also note:

  1. All fees should be paid as communicated in the end of term II circular i.e.minimum of 50% as the term opens. All pupils should have a clearance from the office before going to class.
  2. Provide all asked requirements to the respective class teachers for the smooth teaching-learning process.
  3. We shall be openinga boarding section for P.5-P.7with effect from term 1 2017.
  4. We have also upgraded our school website: Please, we welcome your ideas and guidance on this interactive and friendly platform.
  5. Adhere to the given school programme. Yoursupport and co-operation is highly needed.
  6. This is a promotional term and you are urged to encourage our pupils to work harder.

Wish you a successful term!




0773-763113 / 0706-342440

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