Our pupils have the convenience of boarding on and off our buses from the designated pick-up points with convenience and on time

Computer skills have become an essential tool for success. At Pax Junior School we are committed to providing students with these skills. We offer computer lessons in our fully facilitated computer Laboratory

We offer excellent boarding facilities with good parental care away from home.

We do conduct swimming lessons to our pupils using qualified trainers to keep them healthy while at the same time acquiring a life-saving skill that every child should have. We also have annual competitions aimed at helping the super talented ones to progress as professional swimmers later in their lives.

We have the state of the art, spacious classrooms conducive for learning.

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Pax has a large playing field and a number of play areas for the pupils. These facilities are widely used throughout the day by the students to enable them to exercise, relax and keep fit.

The school boasts of a fully-fledged sickbay that is managed by qualified Nurses who are on standby to wait for any cases reported to them. They are equipped with essential drugs to handle mostly First Aid and minor injuries. The cases that require a doctor’s attention are referred to Grand Medical Centre Kira for further management in consultation with their parents.