1st May, 2017

To all Parents/Guardians


1:0     Today 1/05/2017 marks the end of Term 1 2017. We thank and appreciate the Almighty God who has enabled us to close successfully.

We also convey our gratitude to all parents for the support and co-operation rendered to us during the term.

Term II will begin on 05th.06.2017. Boarder pupils will report on Sun. 4th.06.2017 (2:00PM – 5:00PM). This is due to Martyrs’ day celebrations on 3rd June and we have been requested by the Kira Municipality Education Department to re – schedule the opening date to allow smooth traffic flow.

We kindly request you to disregard the date on the report cards.

2:0     Documents

All pupils have the following documents;

  1. A copy of a circular letter
  2. Term I progress report
  • Term II Bank slip
  1. Checklist of requirements

3:0     Academic progress

There has been a tremendous improvement in learners’ work. This is due to a committed, dedicated and competent staff which goes a milestone in offering the best guidance to our pupils. We urge you to keep them busy with more of academic programmes during holidays.

4:0     Fees payments

We appreciate Parents who make payments in time to enable the school run its Programmes and enable pupils’ learning schedule uninterrupted. You are requested to have paid 50% at the start of the term.

All fees should be paid in banks (Centenary or Stanbic) and Mobile Money – PAXJS as the MTN school code and school pay.

4:1    Fees structures

 Due to increased Cost of Living and supplies needed for running the school, we have increased School Fees by Shs 20,000/= (Twenty Thousands only) at all levels effective term II 2017 to improve on the pupils’- staff welfare. The other services i.e, Transport, Swimming and Uniforms remain the same.

5:0.   Bursary Scheme:

We have reviewed our bursary scheme to promote competition among the children and also encourage them to aim higher. The bursary will with effect from term II, 2017 be awarded to pupils with aggregates 4 (50%) and 5 (30%) fees discount only.

13 pupils have benefited from this policy for term II. Encourage others to work harder.

6:0. Boarding section

We are grateful for all parents who enrolled their children in boarding. We have a well designed routine and I am happy to report that they have quickly adapted to it. We still have room and urge you to bring more especially from P.4 – P.7 since their academic programme is broader. With our diverse programmes, we ask each border pupil to come with 1kg of beads for Art & Crafts.

N.B. Parents are requested to be official during their visits to school.

7:0.   P.L.E Registration:

We successfully registered 19 pupils who will later sit for PLE 2017. We are grateful to inform you that the School has been granted a PLE UNEB Centre status Number 538138 and we have registered under it effective 2017.

8:0    Discipline

We have continued to be strict and observant towards the discipline of our pupils. Our Programmes cover a wide range of activities aimed at bringing up “a holistic child” For at Pax, we touch lives forever ……… We request you to do the same and Remember Charity begins at Home. Have some time and talk to your child.

9:0.   Punctuality

We adjusted on the closure time to enable Pupils reach home early and have enough rest. However, some parents especially those who use private means have not responded positively to this as they don’t manage time!

  1. Morning classes begin at 7:50am and end at 4:30pm
  2. Nursery lessons (half – day) end at 12:30 pm

10:0. Transport

We are determined to offer a better service and safety of our Children. We ask you to co-operate with our team and manage time. We apologize for some inconveniences caused by poor weather, bad roads, mechanical breakdowns etc and request you to be flexible.

NB: We shall not pick our pupils in the morning of the opening day. Every parent should bring his/her child for clearance with the office and classteachers on their first appearance/reporting.

 11:0. Educational Tours

We shall have 3 tours next term i.e Nursery, Lower Primary and Upper Primary. Each pupil will pay 30,000/- to cater for transport, meals, entry fares etc. Make early payments for better preparations and booking. These field work studies help pupils to compare concepts and understand better.

Nursery – will go to Fido – dido and Freedom City.

Lower Primary – will go to Freedom City and Dairy Corporation.

Upper Primary – Kawanda Agricultural Research Centre.and Kiwatule Recreation Centre

12:0. Health

You are advised to always monitor the health of your child. Boarder pupils should carry out a medical check-up before they are brought to school.

Avoid giving children tablets/drugs for self medication and all chronicle diseases should be reported to the school administration for proper handling/care.

13:0  Vacancies.

Thanks for entrusting us with your children. We still have vacancies in Nursery – P.6. Registration and interviews will be conducted during holidays ( Mon – Sat 9:00am – 3:00pm)

15:0  Conclusion

We thank you for your continued support and may you be blessed abundantly and keep caring for our dear ones!

Happy holidays.

Yours in service,




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